Interior Painting

Interior painting projects makes most customers very nervous, and rightfully so. It doesn’t take but a few mistakes on an interior paint job to make a customer very unhappy. Spilled paint, lack of attention to detail, and general carelessness, can make for a miserable and expensive experience.

Maurer Painting has a great track record and a long list of referrals from satisfied customers that will put you at ease. We drop-cover, mask-off, and expertly protect your interior from being exposed to unwanted paint and debris.

Maurer Painting guarantees your satisfaction! We’re also sensitive to your personal at-home schedule. We’ll coordinate schedules, when we’re going to arrive and when you want us to leave. We try to be as flexible as possible with your painting project.

We’ll help you with paint color selection (if so desired), and advise you on the types of paint, colors, and application that will best meet the needs of the rooms being painted. For example, bathroom moisture caused by shower steam can break down all but the most durable latex paints. You may want to consider using an enamel/oil based paint for longevity. They are not only durable paints, but tolerate scrubbing and resist mold and mildew. We pride ourselves in delivering a beautiful looking interior that you can appreciate each and every time you walk into your home.