New Construction

New or Existing Commercial Construction Projects – Maurer Painting offers commercial construction painting service to Boulder and the surrounding communities. We are sensitive to the timeliness of completing commercial construction projects, and we are flexible in being able to schedule around dependencies that are so often associated with commercial projects.

Existing Facilities Projects- Maurer Painting offers painting services for expansion, remodeling or renovation projects throughout the Boulder area. Our staff can be scaled to meet the demands of large or small commercial projects. Repainting the interior and exterior of a commercial building is a fast way to reinvent a business, and offer a good first impression for existing and potential customers.

Facilities Maintenance Services- Maurer Painting has experience in providing high quality painting services with minimal workplace disturbance. We are sensitive to making sure the job is performed efficiency, and with as little noise as possible. Employees always appreciate a fresh coat of paint in their workplace, and it can instill a sense of pride. Whether your facility is in Boulder, Longmont, or the surrounding area, Maurer Painting is there to meet your facility painting needs.