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This stunning ultra-modern new construction in East Boulder features many signature design elements, like its Alucobond metal wall that extends from interior to exterior, the engineering beauty of its floating entry wall, and the heated, finished concrete floors. We were so honored and excited to partner with homeowners Tracey and Todd Bradshaw on this dream project. Our signature Maurer attention to detail was definitely put to the test. 3 key design features stood out on this challenging, and ultimately rewarding, interior painting project.

Level 5 Drywall that demands 5-Star Painting Quality

Level 5 drywall is the height of perfection – by definition, an ultra-smooth finish with no visible imperfections from 3 feet away. Very popular in the Northeastern U.S. and gaining popularity in high-end homes, a level 5 finish is a meticulous process: drywall that is taped, given a first and second coat, sanded before applying a thin, thorough “skim coat”, which is then also sanded and put under intense light to look for imperfections in the smoothness.

Such perfection in a drywall finish can only reveal its true beauty if ultimately finished with equally flawless craft and precision in its painting.

Our Process for Perfection for Level 5 Drywall

  • 1 coat of high build drywall primer
  • Light sand all surfaces
  • Remove dust from all surfaces
  • Apply 2 finish coats with light sand in between
  • Unmask, leave site for electricians, plumbers, other final-phase subs – with their opportunity to damage painted walls and trim
  • Final walkthrough and touchup – walk every square inch, blue tape and touch up any imperfections


Massive Solid Wood Front Door – Stained to Match

Walking up in awe of this ultra-modern beauty, you are greeted with a massive, five hundred pound, solid wood front door – complete with the iron handle that appears to be built right into and through the door. The painting challenge with this critical design element: it had to be stained and finished to perfectly match the custom-ordered dining room table that awaits behind the floating entry wall.

How shall we put it? As a 27-year professional high-end painter, we know very well: staining can be a real pain, especially when multiple elements must integrate seamlessly as one design scheme. It requires meticulous attention to detail, excellent painting supply partners, and a little help from the painting gods.

Here’s what it took to achieve our perfect match:

  • A sample piece of the finished dining table wood
  • A raw piece of wood from or just like that of the door
  • Take each sample to our paint supply partner, Guiry’s, for matching
  • Sand door and pop the grain
  • Apply stain
  • Pray – It’s original wood, after all, and takes on the stain in it’s own unique way

Thanks to all parties and players involved, this particular staining project was executed to perfection.

Black Gloss Shiplap Wood Wall. Sheer Perfection.

Shiplap Wood, with its sharp modern lines and touch of the traditional, has become a common design element in recent years. Tracey Bradshaw, however, delivered a bold and original design touch on the Shiplap wall that graces the main wall of the guest bedroom: a sleek, black gloss paint juxtaposed with the bright white walls and off-white finished concrete floor.

Black gloss paint can be a thing of beauty, but it also shines in its ability to show every single imperfection. Therefore, it’s critical to make sure your prep, application, and paint quality is absolutely perfect. The raw Shiplap wood, with its inherent imperfections, first needed to be filled and sanded. The spray application of the primer and paint could not have any sags, runs or misses whatsoever.

The end result: Where black wood meets white wall – sheer perfection. Attention to detail that itself is a thing to behold.


A Collaboration of Ultimate Professionals

We chose Chino and his highly-skilled interior crew for this extraordinary high-end project. They came through with such an excellent job. Tracey and Todd were amazing to work with. They treated the guys like family, and really showed their appreciation of the painting craftsmanship. Big kudos to our Benjamin Moore reps, too, who visited the project to observe our application of the newly re-formulated Regal Matte finish paint – which we love!

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