Maurer Painting of Boulder, CO has recently opened a new division dedicated to new residential construction painting. Based on our knowledge of total exterior and interior painting for over 20+ years we’ve now expanded into the new residential construction market.
This decision was made based on the skill, knowledge and experience of our crews. We’ve been painting every kind of exterior out there (Wood, brick, block, shingle stain, stucco, metal, etc.) and everything you can possible imagine in an interior (walls, ceilings, base board, windows, cabinets, stains, lacquers, new wood, old wood, taken stain to paint, multi color walls etc. etc.) So going down this road was an easy decision based on the number of calls we’ve received over the years from residential building contractors. We’ve done tons of re-models over the years so again this is no stretch for Maurer Painting.
This is just one example of what our new division can accomplish and shows that we’re already in the arena and obtaining additional new residential contracts.
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