It’s that time of year to start “LOOKING” at the “EXTERIOR” of your home and inspecting the damage that last summer and this winter inflected on your exterior!!!!
Take a really good look at the soffit, trim, exterior walls, fencing, railings, exterior doors, windows, window trim, caulking etc. etc.. and see if its time a color update or just a protective maintenance project is required on that exterior and your biggest investment…….
It’s way better to get things protected and on a regular exterior maintenance painting schedule than waiting till things get really bad.
Regular painting maintenance is a lot less expensive than trying to wait till things get really bad and things need to be replaced!!!!!
So on that next nice day here in CO. “GET OUT THERE AND LOOK AT THAT EXTERIOR”!!!!
Getting on our schedule early will allow Maurer Painting to get to the project sooner and allow you to enjoy that fresh, clean exterior painting update all summer long…..
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