A Detailed Painting Project in Boulder, With Little Paint

Maurer Painting’s recent project was for a stunning, solid stone home in North Boulder. The client shared his vision with our professional team – a beautiful historic property, reminiscent of France or Italy, with modern upgrades.

“My vision was like what you see in France and Italy: 300-year-old houses or barns, with very modern improvements. It’s solid stone. The exterior is reclaimed timbers, at least a hundred years old. The interior is clay plastered walls. The ceiling, hundred-year-old reclaimed oak.”

The extraordinary aspect of the project was that our painting company did very little painting. Instead, we performed specialty services – caulking to match the stained doors and sealing door jambs to the plaster walls, staining built-ins, and collaborating with professional contractors to work on wood projects. This included the overall concept of the wood projects, along with providing stain samples for the wood for approval.

“I’m sure my project was unusual for Maurer, because they didn’t do any painting for me, really.”

This new construction project involved thoughtful planning and professional collaboration with other contractors to meet the special requests of the client. It included multiple details and specialty products to achieve the desired results. While our painting crew on this unique project did paint closets, windows, sashes, and other miscellaneous surfaces, the interior painting services were minimal, as most of the walls were a plaster finish provided by another contractor with that expertise.

“Maurer handled all the woodwork. Which quite frankly is much more challenging to get right than painting. We had completely different applications for each. The pool room ceiling is cedar with a beeswax finish. Tami went to Denver with me to meet with the Woca Oil people for the walnut doors and trim. Walnut goes a grayish purple if you just naturally color it, but we got it to this perfect brown. It was quite a project, and I wanted all the details, the colors, the textures, to come together. Maurer was very good, very professional. It was very much a collaboration, and the end result is beautiful.”

Pete Vegas, North Boulder Homeowner

This custom new construction home, albeit a unique challenge, is just another example of how committed our team at Maurer Painting is. We strive to provide exceptional services for our special clients, no matter how much painting is involved. At Maurer Painting, we have one mission – to ensure our customers love the finished product.

If you are considering an interior painting or specialty service that requires a professional painter, contact Maurer Painting. We proudly serve homeowners, realtors, and contractors in Boulder in the neighboring communities.

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